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Walter van den Broek Scientific Director

Role as scientific director

Founding a research institute that conducts high-impact scientific research to improve health care through evidence-based medical education. Making evidence based medical education feasible.

Founding a research line within iMERR in the field of ICT and medical education. The group does research on instructional design in technology-enhanced learning, such as designs using blended learning, including serious games, simulations and videos within the medical curriculum. We received a grant together with Maastricht University from NWO/NRO Human Capital grant (Brain & Cogntion): Professional Games for Professional skills.

Another research project in collaboration with the LUMC is about the use of augmented reality in learning.

Guiding young post docs and PhD students in their career and stimulating them to apply for grant proposals. Moreover, iMERR contributes to the new curriculum of the Erasmus MC. Changes to the curriculum are evidence based.

Research line within iMERR in the field of ICT and medical education