The Institute of Medical Education Research (iMERR) is located at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It has a large number of participating investigators with various academic backgrounds offering unexplored possibilities of research of medical education.

The Institute conducts research in medical education in the broadest sense, incorporating all aspects of medical education, ranging from selection of students up to the post initial education of medical specialists and stimulating the education and training of its investigators (PhD students and postdocs). The Institute has several research areas, selected due to their potential to meet current needs and to make the best use of the scientific background of the research groups in medical education within the Erasmus MC and the Institute of Psychology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Clinical reasoning

Making sure that future doctors learn to diagnose the patient in the right way.

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Selection, assessment & performance

Enabling all (future) students to become part of a capable, diverse, and healthy workforce.

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Technology-enhanced instructional design

Helping future doctors to learn more effectively through new educational technology.

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Institute of Medical Education Research Rotterdam, 2021