About our organisation

Position in Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Institute of Medical Education Research Rotterdam (iMERR) is embedded in the medical school of the Erasmus University Rotterdam: the Erasmus Medical Centre. In terms of organisation and administration, the Erasmus Medical Centre consists of various departments such as the departments of Health Sciences and of Biomedical Sciences. iMERR is part of the department of Education & Research and its sub department of Education, Policy and Advice. While iMERR is situated at the Erasmus Medical Centre, it in fact represents a bridge and collaboration between its host and the Institute of Psychology from the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Internal stakeholders

With respect to the internal structure, iMERR is headed by a Scientific Director (Prof. dr. Walter van den Broek) who is responsible for managing the research programmes, the funds, quality insurance, etc. The Scientific Director can call upon an Advisory Council for advice, and this council may also offer advice without request. Currently, the Advisory Council is chaired by Dr. Andrea Woltman. Subsequently, the institute consists of four parties: the principal investigators who work directly for iMERR (‘fellows’), the PhD candidates supervised by them, the medical specialists and doctors with whom iMERR collaborates (‘associate members’), and the secretariat.

Organisation chart