Sofie Jacobse

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Sofie Jacobse PhD candidate

Clinical reasoning

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My research focuses on Shared decision-making (SDM) in diagnostic decisions in general practice. SDM refers to an approach where the patient is actively involved  in the decision making process during consultations with their physicians. Although research has shown that this method can be beneficial to patient satisfaction and treatment outcome, little is known about how and when to apply SDM in the diagnostic process. This project will investigate the use of SDM by general practitioners in training during the diagnostic phase of a consultation. The results of this research project will be used to develop educational material about SDM that can be used in the vocational training for general practitioners. With this education program we aim to improve the knowledge of future doctors on SDM and thereby contribute to better patient care.  
I am proud that I got selected as a PhD student for this fascinating project!
Also I am very happy that our grant application has been accepted and we are now ready to set up the first study. 

I am combining my residency in general practice with a PhD trajectory. Ever since I started my clinical rotations as a medical student, I have been fascinated by patient-  doctor communication. Therefore I am very happy that I get the chance to research this topic while at the same time improving my own clinical skills as a GP trainee.  I also believe that  broadening my research and educational knowledge will help me become a better physician.

My area of expertise is shared decision making and diagnostic error in medicine. As a physician I have experienced the importance of patient communication at first hand. I have learned that there is no  standard protocol that you can use in every interaction. However,  providing (future) doctors with a set of skills will help them to better adjust to their patient needs. I am always happy  to meet other people with an interest in patient-doctor communication.