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Andrea Woltman Associate Professor

Selection, assessment & performance

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Universities worldwide increasingly seek measures to improve their students’ progress. Furthermore, medical schools are responsible for a diverse and healthy student population and need to deliver future medical doctors who are representative of the society they take care of.

We aim to improve educational policies to encourage students to perform at their best and to deliver a pool of physicians that meet societal needs. Therefore, we assess and develop selection and assessment tools that are both fair and effective and that do not harm student diversity or wellbeing: (i) we assess the relation between academic progress policies, chronic stress, and academic outcomes, as well as student characteristics that influence this relation, and (ii) we perform research on social, psychological, and cultural factors that may disadvantage learning or performance in non-traditional minority students during selection processes and throughout the medical education pipeline.

With our research into the effects of a stricter academic dismissal policy (in Dutch: ‘bindend studieadvies’) in medical school, we have shown that a higher performance standard results in an overall higher performance on the short term, but not in all student subgroups. In addition, an increased performance requirement also entails possible adverse consequences, such as the increased perception of stress in female students that was observed. Next to the contribution to the field of educational sciences, these research findings also add to the current national and political discussions about academic dismissal policies.

I like to create an environment in which people can develop and flourish. Education ís development. I like to learn, discover and contribute to better knowledge on education. Better knowledge is required to further improve education and educational policies in order to create a learning environment in which our students can flourish.

Anyone with questions about assessment and admission policies in relation to student diversity, academic performance and student wellbeing could get in touch with me.

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