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Andrea Woltman Associate Professor

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Andrea Woltman studied Biomedical Sciences (cum laude) and also received her PhD cum laude at the University of Leiden. She lead a research group within the Erasmus MC for 12 years (2006-2018), published many immunological research papers and received several prestigious research grants, awards and honors rewarding her scientific research and her qualities as educator of young scientists. Although she is still involved in immunological research projects, she shifted her focus towards education research and innovation. She is especially interested in student selection and assessment in relation to student performance, well-being and diversity.

Next to that, she is active at a local, national and international level in innovation and organization of medical education as Program Director of the Bachelor in Medicine, Erasmus MC (since 2013). As the Project Leader of the medical curriculum renewal in the Erasmus MC (2020-2021), she created the basis for a new evidence-informed medical curriculum.