iMERR Fellow

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iMERR Fellow

Faculty with an appointment of at least 0.5 fte of Erasmus MC or Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam who are due to participate in an iMERR research project for at least two years from the date of application.

• Carry out and disseminate high-quality research in the domain of research in medical education
• Actively and collaboratively participate in activities related to research programme development, research ethics policy, periodic research assessments and evaluations of iMERR
• Actively and collaboratively participate in activities relating to the iMERR research programme
• Build the reputation of the iMERR research programme in the international research community
• Be actively committed to iMERR to establish and implement iMERR’s strategic goals
• Initiating, coordinating and stimulating external funding initiatives for top grants (e.g. NWO, ZonMW, ERC)
• Coaching early and mid-career talent;
• Supervising iMERR doctoral students
• (Co-)supervise iMERR PhD students

• An iMERR Member is eligible to apply for the iMERR Support Programmes that offer advice and other (financial) support for research-related activities
• An iMERR Member can call upon the iMERR Office for support and advice with respect to all possible activities that are designed to enhance the quality and quantity of research in medical education

• PhD degree
• In the most recent five (calendar) years, a publication record that meets at least one of the following conditions:
o 3 or more publications in Web of Science SCI/SSCI journals in the subject area of Eeducation, Scientific Ddisciplines
o Active participation in medical education research expressed in graduation of PhD students and/or applications for research grants

Appointment and Evaluation Procedure
A Fellow is nominated by the Scientific Director and appointed by the Dean of the ‘penvoerende faculteit’ (Erasmus MC). The duration of the appointment is five years. Fellow appointments are not automatically renewed, and may be terminated earlier if a Fellow no longer meets the Membership criteria or if he/she demonstrates shortcomings in the management of the research programme or its commitment to iMERR