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Karen Stegers-Jager is an assistant professor at the Institute of Medical Education Research Rotterdam (iMERR). She holds an MSc in Educational Science and Technology (University of Twente, cum laude). She obtained her PhD in Medical Education from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2012.

After her PhD, she worked as a senior educational researcher and consultant at the Erasmus MC Desiderius School. In January 2014 she became a fulltime researcher at iMERR, and in August 2014 she was appointed as assistant professor. In 1999-2000 she spent 11 months at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada as a post-doctoral student and visiting researcher with a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Talentenbeurs) and from the University of Twente (studiebeurs Stichting Universiteitfonds Twente 1999).
Her three main areas of research are: (1) predictors of medical school performance, with a special focus on ethnic minority and first-generation university students, (2) unraveling ethnic disparities in undergraduate clinical performance, and (3) selection and admission of medical students and residents.
Karen has published several articles in Medical Education, ranked number one in the domain ‘Education, Scientific Disciplines’, including an invited commentary. She has given over 20 presentations and workshops at national and international conferences, individually and in cooperation with national and international colleagues. She was selected for the Erasmus MC Female Career Development program in 2013.
5 recent publications (most recent first)
Stegers-Jager KM, Steyerberg EW, Lucieer SM, Themmen APN. Ethnic and social disparities in performance on medical school selection criteria. Med Educ 2014; in press. [IF: 3.61]
Stegers-Jager KM, Cohen-Schotanus J, Themmen APN. The effect of a short integrated study skills programme for first-year medical students at risk of failure: a randomised controlled trial. Med Teach 2013;35:120-126. [IF:2.045]
Stegers-Jager KM, Cohen-Schotanus J, Themmen APN. Motivation, learning strategies, participation and medical school performance. Med Educ 2012;46:678–688.
Stegers-Jager KM, Steyerberg EW, Cohen-Schotanus J, Themmen APN. 2012. Ethnic disparities in undergraduate pre-clinical and clinical performance. Med Educ 2012;46:575–585.
Stegers-Jager KM, Cohen-Schotanus J, Splinter TAW, Themmen APN. Academic dismissal policy for medical students: Effect on study progress and help-seeking. Med Educ 2011;45:987–994.

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