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Prof. Dr. Ir. Axel P.N. Themmen Ph.D.

Professor Experimental Endocrinology and Medical Education Erasmus MCiMERR/Department of Internal Medicine
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Axel Themmen has a MSc from Wageningen University (Molecular Life Sciences) and leads a research group in the Department of Internal Medicine at Erasmus MC.

Professor Experimental Endocrinology and Medical Education

He has a great interest in medical education. Besides teaching endocrinology, he has developed a pre-university course for excelling secondary school students (Junior Med School) and is the coordinator of the selection and admission of medical school students. He has served as the director of the Bachelor phase of the Erasmus MC medical school from 2007-2011. Axel Themmen is one of the co-founders of iMERR and his research interests include determinants of study success during medical school, the development and validation of selection instruments for medical school admission and residency programs.


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