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Mary Dankbaar Assistant Professor

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As an educational scientist, specialized in technology-enhanced learning, I have a passion for making teaching and learning more engaging ánd effective for students, and sustainable for educational institutions. Higher education has seen a tremendous growth in the last decades in number and characteristics of students. How can we use technology to not only improve current teaching strategies, but also facilitate innovation and the transition to new forms of education, matching the rapid societal changes?

My expertise is in instructional design of blended learning and innovation programs in academic teaching and learning, especially for simulations and serious games. I’m involved in design-based research to make game-based learning of procedural skills more adaptive, using indicators such as game-data and physiological measures. In addition, we’re doing research with a multiplayer game for training teamwork skills, to know whether this game actually prompts students to apply important teamwork principles online and what part of these skills should be trained face-to-face.