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Geoff Norman

Prof. Dr. Geoff Norman is the Querido Chair from april 2012 until november 2014. The symposium will be on november the 27th 2014. In november 2014 at the end of his chair a symposium will be held in the Querido room of the Educational Center of the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Location: Querido room, Educational Center of the Erasmus MC, Wytemaweg 80, 3015 CN, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Querido Chair is the tribute to the founder and first dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Chair aims to build bridges between medical research, medical education and healthcare. Scientists who have shown in their work that they can develop such new visions occupy the Querido Chair at the EUR for two years.

Prof. Dr. Geoff Norman’s academic interests focus on the psychology of expertise particularly as applied to expert clinicians. His research is focused on the psychology of clinical reasoning, particularly in the relative contribution of rapid processing based on prior experience (so-called pattern recognition) and analytical rules, and educational strategies to improve reasoning. He is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University in Canada. He is an expert in the field of clinical reasoning and the psychology of expertise of medical specialists. The point of this research main question is: How do physicians for their diagnosis? He has discovered that doctors two ways to reach a diagnosis. One way is through analytical thinking: weighing the symptoms and possible diseases and disease mechanisms play a role. The other way is based on pattern recognition by much experience in the treatment of patients. He is also a well-known researcher on the effectiveness and efficiency of modern materials such as e-learning, simulations and gaming in education.

This time the theme was the development of research in medical education in the Netherlands and internationally. With medical training is meant the Medical School resident training and training of clinicians, a life long learning. Research on medical education is a relatively new research field. The purpose of this study is mainly to obtain a scientific basis for the medical school. The Chair will bond between the Institute of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Erasmus MC in strengthening the cooperation of the study of medical education. The chair contributes to the creation of the joint Institute for Medical Education Research Rotterdam (iMERR). In this institution, the researchers of the Institute for Psychology and the Erasmus MC together.