First iMERR PhD Martine Chamberland

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Martine Chamberland PhD
On November 13, Martine Chamberland, an internist of the Faculty of Medicine, Sherbrooke University, Canada, became the first student of iMERR to obtain a Ph.D degree. She successfully defended her thesis  “Self-explanation fosters clinical reasoning among medical students”.
Self-explanation is a learning strategy that  involves having students generating for themselves explanations about pieces of information in a to-be-learned text or a to-be-solved problem. Self-explanation has proved effective to foster learning in other domains, such as physics and chess, but had never been tested in medical education. Martine was able to show that self-explanation can also be a useful approach for clinical teaching. It fosters students’ learning of clinical diagnosis in complex topics and has its positive effect enhanced by the addition of appropriately designed modeling.
These findings bring a novel and relevant contribution to what is known about effective strategies for clinical teaching. Her thesis  was supervised by Prof. dr. Henk Schmidt, with dr. Sílvia Mamede as co-supervisor, and evaluated by a committee composed by dr. Anique de Bruin (Maastricht University), Prof.dr. Axel Themmen, Prof.dr. Henk van der Molen, Prof.dr. Maarten Frens, Prof.dr. Matthijs de Hoog, and dr. Walter van den Broek.
You can find her publications on ResearchGate.